Corporate Retirement Plan Services

Advising you at the intersection of your money and your life

Your Partner

Independent Wealth Management partners with you in the development of your company retirement plan. From selecting the right retirement plan for your needs and choosing providers to the implementation of the plan and monitoring results, we serve as an advocate every step of the way. In addition to providing asset allocation guidance for the plan on an ongoing basis, we also handle the fine details of setting up the plan, including enrollment meetings, ongoing education and empowering employees to select the right strategies.

Plan Design

We consult with you to design your company retirement plan around your goals while navigating regulatory requirements.  Multiple scenarios are run to illustrate the financial and tax impacts of various plan designs – we help you choose the right approach for your needs.

Independent - Transparent - Comprehensive

Provider Search

Based upon the unique attributes of your company plan, we independently search and review administrators to determine who is best equipped to serve you.  With a focus on cost and efficiency, we work with you to simplify and manage the selection and conversion process.

Employee Education

We take an active role in educating & empowering plan sponsor employees through our financial education curriculum.    Our process tailors topics that have been covered when teaching past graduate & undergraduate college finance students and applies it to the needs of your team. Improving the financial literacy of employees can enable them to make more informed decisions while building an appreciation for the company benefits being provided.

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